Personalized Stationery from Shortpockets

January 23, 2017 0 Comments

SO excited to announce that personalized stationery is here in the shop!
This part of my business started casually. I would make people stationery as a gift and a few months later I would hear back from them asking: "Can you make me more of those cards? I ran out of them and I use them for everything!" 
I also use them for everything. I attach them to birthday gifts, send them as a thank you note, and how many times are you rushing out the door to a wedding and forget you haven't gotten the couple a card!? I use these all the time. 
What I love about our Shortpockets cards is the quality. The paper is so thick, textured, and soft. They make you want to write a note! Instead of 10 cards per box we have changed the quantity to 20, because how long will 10 cards last you? A month? 
As always, I'm happy to do custom orders and I'll be adding new cards throughout the year on here. The process is easy...just order online in the shop and then send me an email - - with your name(s) for the stationery.